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Geographical Explorers

The lodge of the Geographic Society lies within the Town of Hobbitat, drawing explorers far and wide. The Geographic Society (or Geo as it is more commonly called) gives players a chance to show off their knowledge of Oerthe's landscape. The most proficient explorers will gain access to special armours, and a container, and, perhaps most importantly, prestige for their guild. Dion, the head Geographer, will issue anyone their own charter who wants to join.

The purpose of Geo is to enter "uncivilized" areas (this translates as just about anything inside a location, like the Tantallon Park or the Haunted Ship) and then stake your claim to each room inside. If you're the first person to claim a spot, you'll earn both a claim and a discovery. If someone has previously discovered the area, you'll simply add your name to the location and get a point for claiming, but not for discovery.

You'll also notice that each cairn will have a guild symbol on the banner. This indicates which guild currently "controls" the room. For instance, if two members of the Bear guild claim a room, and one member of the Scythe guild has claimed that same room, the room will belong to the Bears, at that time.

The rewards that Dion offers members depend on number of claims, discoveries, and guild ranking. Each member belonging to the guild with the most claims will be able to purchase an exceptionally useful container (a rugged knapsack) that can hold a high volume of loot inside. The individual, regardless of what guild they belong to, with the most discoveries made can buy the incredibly powerful Armour of Gaius, and the Helm of Hanza. These unique armours provide amazing defense, and have special abilities. However, if another player surpasses you in discoveries, the armour will be removed from your body magically, and only the other player can now use the armour, unless you surpass them!

The Geographical Society can be joined by all players.

The Geographical Society is located in Hobbitat.