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Name: Poldara
Gender: Female
Race: Half-elf


Artificers are magic-users whose magic is tied up in external devices and magic items which they must manufacture according to arcane formulae. As an Artificer, each reboot you start out with a workbook containing a few formulae for things you know how to make. To learn more formulae you need to go out and find them, by studying in musty libraries or getting other Artificers to teach you the formulae they know, perhaps in exchange for the formulae you know.

An Artificer can choose to specialize in the art of smithcrafting or spellcrafting, improving their prowess in the chosen art, but decreasing their abilities in the other. Smithcrafting is focused on building mechanical constructs to fight your enemies, while spellcrafting is focused on imbuing wands and scrolls with powerful spells to use in combat.

The Artificer class prefers using club weapons, and tends to hide behind their constructs for defense. Here is a small preview of an Artificer's powers:
  • Assemble - Create a forged construct that will obey your commands.
  • Craft - Create a ring or amulet from metal to be worn or enchanted.
  • Enchant - Imbue an amulet, ring, wand, or staff with magic.
  • Forge - Create an armour, shield, or weapon from metal.
  • Recharge - Restores some charges back into a wand or staff.
  • Repair - Restores some healthpoints back into a forged construct.
  • Spellforge - Imbue an armour, shield, or weapon with magic.
  • ... Join the Artificer class to find out more!
An Artificer can be played by all races. However, because smithcrafting requires higher strength for forging and spellcrafting requires higher intelligence for studying, one should consider choosing a character by focusing on just one art for maximum effectiveness.

The Artificer class can be extremely powerful in the right hands, but it is also a more advanced class and not a good choice for newer players. The craft of artifice requires patience and hard work, but in the end can be very rewarding. Good luck!

The Artificer class hall can be found in Drakhiya.