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Artificers are magic-users whose magic is tied up in external devices and magic items which they must manufacture according to arcane formulae. As an artificer, each reboot you start out with a workbook containing a few formulae for things you know how to make. To learn more formulae you need to go out and find them, by studying in musty libraries or getting other artificers to teach you the formulae they know, perhaps in exchange for the formulae you know.

Each formula is a recipe for making an item from some number of ingredients, which can be found by searching the countryside for plants, metals, and minerals, or by dissecting the corpses of animals. Many items require concentration in order to maintain their magic; in effect a a limit on the number of items which you can have made at a time.

The Craft of Artifice requires patience and hard work, but in the end can be very rewarding. Good luck!