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Town of Dalair

Dalair is a small but growing town, bustling with commerce (both legitimate and shady) and well-known as the main outpost of orcish forces in the realm. It is also the home of the Courts of Chaos, a mysterious yet powerful guild known to devote itself to disorder and discord.

The town of Dalair has a thriving commercial centre with many services which appeal to the average adventurer. Within the walls of Dalair you can find:
  • Bounty Office, where bounty hunters exchange scalps for coins.
  • An orc merchant in the town centre buys surplus equipment.
  • A Slaughterhouse, featuring many varieties of orcish cuisine.
  • A Weapon Seller, who sells deadly throwing weapons.
  • ... Visit Dalair to find out more!
Dalair is nestled in the Claw Mountains near the halls of Kazarov, king of the mountain orcs, and west of the kingdom of Nepeth and the Knights of Drin, who are known to frequently launch raids upon Dalair.