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The Village of Greenhaven


Greenhaven is a human settlement where the villagers welcome adventurers on their journeys and quest for glory. Situated due west of Hobbitat and south of Zhamarr, Greenhaven is surrounded by mountains in a lush forest valley. The only link to the habouring city of Tantallon is that the settlement sometimes depends on adventurers to deliver goods via the Commodity Exchange in Tantallon.


Greenhaven is reputed to be the home of the legendary Whisper Geyser. This momentuous spot was formed eons ago by the release of pressure from the earth. It eventually became a natural hot spring which ejects a column of boiling hot water and steam 45 feet straight up into the air every 5 minutes! It is called the Whisper Geyser because if one listens intently over the geyser's edge exactly before it erupts, it will whisper to the person the word to release the collective power of the ancient stones mentioned in village folklore. However, all of those who have tried have perished on the spot from the powerful spray of hot gas and water. The secret may have also died with them.


While adventuring through Greenhaven, one might come across a friendly human villager or run into a vicious trolloc that lives in the nearby forest. Predatory animals include packs of wolves that could be found roaming the rocky plains near the mountains. Other animals include white-tail deer and pesky squirrels.

Remember! Seek out the adventure and bring back the experience!

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