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Painter opens house!
May Day Flaghunting!
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For the Week: Dimli
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21-Jun-18 (Beowolf)
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10-Jun-18 (Maker)
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09-Jun-18 (Maker)
Let's play - Healer!(0)
31-May-18 (Luthien)
Gemynd House for Sale!(0)

Special items:

  • A chestplate.
  • A chainmail.
  • A studded leather armour.
  • A metal target shield.
  • A fashionable knight's pack - only a knight may open and close this pack.
  • A money pouch.
  • A leather earbag - holds collected ears to be given to Albert.
  • A fancy plumed helmet.
  • A pair of leather boots.
  • A pair of gauntlets.
  • A colourful cape.
  • A ceremonial sword - a kill marker.
  • A cuddly pink elephant.

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