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Knights of Drin

Following the treaty between the orcs and humans, King Drin himself founded the Knights of Drin, an order conceived of chivalry and honour. Located in the royal town of Nepeth, the Knights are a tight-knit group of courageous individuals.

The Knights stick together through good times and bad. This makes even the bad times, not so bad. The comradery glows not only through their behavior toward fellow Knights, but especially shines by the use of the racks and bins in the Knight's Den. These racks are where Knights leave their equipment for the other members of the guild to use.

The Den also acts as a central meeting place for the Knights to come and talk with one another while taking a break from adventuring. It also holds the Knight's Board, a bulletin board for anyone to post a note.

The Knight of Drin accept Dwarf, Elf, Half-Elf, and Human races, including Artificer, Cleric, Fighter, Jaochi, Paladin, and Ranger classes. SK members are allowed.

The Knights of Drin is located in the castle of Nepeth.