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Name: Theryn
Gender: Male
Race: Tyrant


Necromancers are evil practitioners of black magic. They are not good at hand-to-hand combat, but are able to perform dark rituals causing their enemies to suffer and perish in terrible ways. They have the ability to animate the dead, creating undead servants to do their bidding.

"Many call us evil just because we choose to delve into arts and practices that they find repulsive. I can't be bothered understanding their outmoded beliefs in morality. The wisest and most intelligent come to us, seeking understanding of that which no one else can explain. We know of the cycle of death as well as life, and realise that if we have to help a few others into it along the way... well, everyone has to die sometime." - The master necromancer.

The Necromancer class prefers using knife weapons, while hiding behind their undead servants for defense. Here is a small preview of a Necromancer's powers:
  • Detect Good - Scry the room looking for good-aligned entities.
  • Skeleton - Animates a corpse into an undead skeleton servant.
  • Zombie - Animates a corpse into an undead zombie servant.
  • Lifesteal - Drains life from the target and heals the Necromancer.
  • Rot - Causes the opponent's flesh to wither and decay.
  • Empower - Allows the Necromancer to convert health into spellpoints.
  • ... Join the Necromancer class to find out more!
A Necromancer can be played by all races. However, because their spells are complex and costly to cast, one should consider choosing a character with equally high intelligence and wisdom for maximum effectiveness.

Necromancers are very powerful, but practitioners of the dark arts soon realize it come at a price.

The Necromancer class hall can be found in Dalair.