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Village of Neville

Neville is a human village with a number of persons and places of interest contained inside. Neville is situated near the eastern coast of the continent of Anguish, but slightly inland within the forests. Because of its proximity to Tantallon, Neville has been able to grow and flourish over time.

The village of Neville offers several services in the way of blacksmithing, food, and tobacco. Within the walls of Neville you can find:
  • A Blacksmith, where a selection of armour and weapons can be bought.
  • A Butcher, who sells sausage from questionable meat sources.
  • A Silversmith, featuring equipment made out of pure silver.
  • Puffy's Tobacco Shop, where adventurers buy pipes, pipeweed, and cigars.
  • The Tanner, specializing in leather equipment.
  • ... Visit Neville to find out more!
Neville is located just northeast of Tantallon.