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Name: Hydro
Gender: Male
Race: Dwarf


Paladins are holy warriors, paragons of all that is good and right in Ancient Anguish. They are the men and women who commit themselves to lives of seeking, upholding, and promoting truth, charity, and justice. The gods of the Paladins encourage their followers to take an active role in bettering the world in which they live.

The Gods have decided in wisdom to bestow certain gifts upon Paladins. Due to the righteous nature of their souls, Paladins have certain innate abilities such as increased resistance to poison. Additionally, Paladins have the ability to use divine powers to assist themselves or others in times of need. The ability to use these powers is dependent upon the Paladin's alignment; the more saintly a Paladin is the more effective the powers will be. If a Paladin's alignment descends to neutral or worse, they will not be able to use them at all.

The Paladin class prefers using longsword and polearm weapons, while wearing armour and using a shield for defense. Here is a small preview of a Paladin's powers:
  • Detect - Scry the room looking for evil-aligned entities.
  • Turtle - Magically enhances the Paladin's shield blocking ability.
  • Call - Summons the Paladin's noble warhorse.
  • Cure - A minor healing power which can only be used on others.
  • Aura - Creates a powerful aura of protection around the Paladin.
  • Smite - A powerful holy attack for use against undead, or evil-aligned entities.
  • ... Join the Paladin class to find out more!
A Paladin can be played by all races. However, a Paladin needs physical prowess for melee combat, and mental prowess for their holy gifts, one should consider choosing a character with a fair amount of strength, dexterity, and wisdom for maximum effectiveness.

Playing solo as a Paladin is enjoyable, but due to their divine gifts a Paladin is more valuable in a party so that they can block incoming attacks and cure their allies.

The Paladin class hall can be found near Neville.