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Ranger Picture

What is a Ranger?

Rangers are intrepid scouts trained in wilderness survival. They have many abilities useful in the outdoors, but are somewhat limited in indoor areas. Rangers have their own fighting style based on observation and precision strikes. The Ranger profession makes its home far to the North of Tantallon, deep within the sheltering woods.

Ranger Abilities

Rangers have a wide range of abilities and skills. Some of these skills are:
  • The ability to forage in the forest for several types of Food, Medicinal Plants, and Salt to preserve meat.
  • The ability to create weapons and equipment from natural resources.
  • Skinning animals for their pelts, and selling those pelts for a handsome profit.
  • Creating armour, gloves, boots backpacks, pouches, and sacks from those pelts.
  • Archery, in which no other class has proficiency.
  • Building fires, to cook meat or distill drinks and potions, and woodworking.
  • Creating, from natural resources, a tent or sturdy shelter in which to rest or relax.
  • Rangers create the much sought-after bedrolls, which can give a player much-needed rest and healing.
  • Medicine, a potent healing potion. Only the Cleric's can heal directly, but Rangers can make their own medicines.
  • In combat, Rangers can often sneak an additional attack past their opponent's defenses.
  • Memorizing locations, and unerringly finding their way back to them.
  • In the wilderness, Rangers can often track woodland creatures for long distances.
  • Experienced Rangers can tame wild dogs and wolves, gaining a loyal companion which will fight beside them if needed.

The Ranger's abilities do not end here, but only with time and experience can Rangers truly learn all the intricacies of their class.

Spell Lists

The Ranger class has no spells at its disposal. Instead, Spell points are expended when Rangers make use of their special abilities. Experience points are awarded each time such abilities are used.

Other Information

Although the Ranger is by nature a loner, they make a valuable addition to any party. A Ranger's woodland skills are unmatched, and their ability to find food and shelter can, at times, make the difference between life and death. The Ranger must have a high wisdom to be able to learn the skills necessary to tame animals, fashion clothing, and learn survival skills. But Rangers must also balance their other attributes. Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Constitution are also important to a Ranger. The word which may best describe the Ranger class is "well-rounded".