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The Kingdom of Zhamarr


Zhamarr is a well-known land for its hospitality to travellers. Many visitors have been tempted by this beautiful kingdom with its remarkably friendly natives and the fabulous sights of the countryside. Some of them have even been so fascinated by Zhamarr that they have decided to stay forever.

Recent Events

The ruler of the kingdom is the Mighty Sorcerer King Zarakan, also called the Black Sorcerer because of his unusually dark skin colour. He is the beloved one known by many names among the people of Zhamarr. His reputation is great. The legends tell about the mighty deeds that Zarakan has done. He is also known as a grave and melancholy man; all of his relatives, among them his predecessor, King Arfurf, Arfurf's twelve sons, his thirty four cousins and several others, died, all slain by some mysterious foul disease. Zarakan is the sole surviving member of the noble House of Reppe.

But still, Zarakan won't let sorrows let him down! Instead, he arranges many festivals in order to give pleasure and delight to people and to praise the good-willing gods of Zhamarr.


Zhamarr lies far to the west of Hobbitat slightly west of the dwarven village of Thranarack, and northwest of Castle Andeli. It is surrounded by steep mountains on many sides.

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