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Name: Israel
Gender: Female
Race: Dwarf

                               Immortal Rules
Immortals or Wizards
Characters level 400 and above are considered immortal wizards and are bound
by an additional set of rules as detailed in this document. (See: "help rank"
for a listing of Immortal ranks.) Wizards remain bound by the rules that apply
to normal mortals.

As always, if unsure about any rule, ask Law.


In general, wizalts are the mortal alts of a wizard. They might be called 
mortal alts, mortal alternatives, alts, wizard alts, wizalts, wizmortals, 
wizard mortals, alternate characters, additional mortals, and/or secondary
For the sake of consistency, 'wizalt' is the term used in this document.

Wizalt Registration

  For Level 400 (Apprentice Wizard)
  Upon reaching Apprentice Wizard status with a character, a player must not 
  play any other character besides his Apprentice wizard and its one legal,
  registered wizalt until the Apprentice Wizard character is no longer an 
  Apprentice Wizard - whether that is caused by the Apprentice Wizard 
  advancing to Wizard status or by demoting below level 400.
  Once a player has a character advanced to the level of Apprentice Wizard, 
  all their other mortal characters (wizalts) except one must be either
  suicided or frozen and all existing remaining wizalts must be registered 
  with Law. ("mail law" in the post office). From that point on, as 
  additional wizalts are earned, or current active wizalts suicided, the
  wizard updates this list by again mailing Law any changes so that the list
  remains current and accurate.
  For Wizards above Level 400

  All wizards are required to register all their characters by mailing their
  wizalt list to Law and being sure to point out which alt(s) they would like
  Law to designate as their legal, active playable wizalt(s). Law will 
  register all the wizalts, and designate each one as either frozen or active
  and then mail the wizard back this complete list so that the wizard can 
  check it for accuracy. As changes might occur either through the promotion
  of the wizard causing additional active wizalts to be listed, or the 
  player choosing to suicide any of any wizalts occurs, the wizard mails Law
  the changes to its wizalt list so that it remains accurate and current.

  Although a wizard may have quite a few wizalts listed, only those registered
  with Law as 'active' are allowed to be played.
Number of Wizalts

Depending on the level of the wizard, a wizard is allowed from one to an 
unlimited number of legal, registered, active wizalts as follows:

  Apprentice Wizards (400) are permitted one wizalt;

  Wizards (500) are permitted a total of two wizalts. (They retain their 
  wizalt earned due to achieving level 400, and are awarded an additional (+1)
  wizalt for attaining level 500.) However, Wizards of level 500 may then also
  earn additional active wizalts as follows:
    +1 for earning Level 525; (Contributor) 
    +2 for earning Level 550; (Assistant/Committee work)
    +1 for having a Creator project in the queue which has passed World and 
	   remains active in the approval process in the queue.

So, Wizards of level 500 have a few ways in which to earn more active wizalts
than the two allowed due to their level 500 alone.

Note: Wizards of Creator level or above have unlimited active wizalts.

Recap on how wizalts are awarded:

 Level 500 (Wizard):

  Upon becoming a sponsored Wizard, the Wizard may legally play two wizalts,
  which may be newly created character(s), or a previously frozen wizalt. 
  These wizalts must be registered with Law as the Wizard's chosen active
  wizalts, and may not be played until the registration has been confirmed by
  Law. Law will unfreeze the character if the wizalt is currently frozen. 

  Wizards may be permitted additional secondary characters as follows:
   1) A wizard serving on one or more committees may have TWO ADDITIONAL 
      (+2) active wizalts, with the permission of the arch of (one of) the 
      committee(s) involved. 

   2) A wizard who has submitted a project to QC which will earn Creator 
      status may have ONE ADDITIONAL (+1) active wizalt, if all the following 
      conditions are met:

      a) The project has passed World
      b) The project remains active in the approval process. Should the 
         project be assigned to an inactive status by an Arch, the Arch will 
         inform Law and the Wizard can choose which active wizalt will be 
         be no longer active (frozen). If the Wizard is very inactive, Law will
         freeze all the Wizard's wizalts until such a time as the Wizard 
         returns to select which character they want unfrozen. 

     (This means that, theoretically, a Wizard (2 active wizalts) serving as
	 an administrative assistant (+2 active wizalts), who has earned 
	 Contributor status (+1 active wizalt), and has also submitted a 
	 Creator-worthy project which remains active in the Approval queue 
	 (+1 active wizalt) may have up to SIX (6) active wizalts.)

  Level 600+ (Creator):
   A Wizard who has been promoted to Creator may have any number of 
   wizalts, all of which must be registered with law.

   (The prior requirement that one's wizalt cannot be older than one's wizard
   has been revoked.)

  Level 700+ (Creator):
   Senior Creator is a title bestowed upon a Creator who has ushered multiple
   projects of significance and import through the approval process and has 
   had a notable impact on Ancient Anguish. A Senior Creator is promoted via
   Senate vote.
                      General Immortal or Wizard Rules

 Immortals are not allowed to harm or help mortals in any way. This includes
 patching them, giving them money or equipment, allowing them to kill 
 unapproved NPC's, transing them out of combat or "sticky" situations, etc. 
 (To be safe you really should ONLY trans a person out of the main village, 
 Tantallon. Trans is NOT meant to be used as a form of taxi service.)
 Immortals shall protect and respect the privacy of other immortals and 
 mortals alike. Immortals shall handle private information with proper care
 and only in the course of exercising their relevant duties. Improper or 
 unnecessary handling or dissemination of such information is illegal.
 It is illegal for immortals to bypass safeguards implemented to protect
 privacy, information or other functions. Immortals are not allowed to give
 themselves access, privileges or powers that are not native to their level
 and responsibilities.

 Giving quest help of any kind to mortals is not allowed. However, it is 
 acceptable for a wizmortal to party with mortals to solve a quest.

 Excessive shouts, as well as excessive or unwanted tells, echoes, etc. are 
 not allowed. 

 Immortals are not allowed to clone, destruct, trans, or kill any objects or
 NPCs in, from, or to areas open to mortals. This includes updating or
 resetting rooms.

 Immortals may not have "pets" (NPCs that follow them from room to room).

 Wizards are not permitted to force other wizards to quit the game.

 Wizards _are_ permitted to patch other wizards (setting gender, etc) in fun,
 but excessive abuse of this can be the basis of a harassment complaint.

 Immortals are allowed to login while any of their wizalts are chilled. 
 Although chilled characters are not 'active' in the game, Immortals are 
 still not permitted to help nor harm them.

 Wizards are supposed to contribute to Ancient Anguish. Inactive Wizards can 
 be set back to Apprentice Wizard status if they are inactive or do not show 
 any interest in contributing to Ancient Anguish. 
 Sponsors have to introduce their sponsorees to the responsibilities and 
 duties of Wizards. This means you must teach them the rules, make sure they 
 understand them, and be there to teach them how to code.

 Sponsors can withdraw their sponsorship if the sponsoree is inactive. 
 Areas have to be approved by World, Quality Control, and Balance in order to 
 be implemented. 
Areas approved and implemented after 1995 cannot be removed by their creators;
such areas are now part of the realm.

The Senate 

 The Senate shall consist of the Arch Wizards and the Ministers. Each member
 of the Senate has one vote in all voting topics that come before the Senate.
 Any member of the Senate may raise a topic for discussion by the Senate. The
 Senate will select new Ministers and/or Arches as previous holders of the
 office retire or are dismissed, or as it is otherwise deemed necessary.
 Arches and Ministers who cannot fulfill their tasks or abuse their power
 will be retired or dismissed by the Senate.
 The Law can only be changed by the Senate.
 Decisions shall be taken by a majority vote of all active Senate members. 
 Members of the Senate who have not logged in for 14 days are not taken 
 into consideration in a vote or in the calculation of the needed majority.


 Ministers are full administrators of the mud with functional responsibility
 to carry out the will of the Senate in defined areas of responsibility.
 They hold a level of 900. Ministers are appointed in the following

  Minister of Infrastructure:  
   The Minister of Infrastructure is responsible for procuring consistent 
   connectivity of the machine hardware, the relationship with the network 
   provider, and physical presence when needed.The Minister of Infrastructure
   is also a first responder for emergency response along with the Minister
   of Machine.
  Minister of Machine:
   The Minister of Machine is responsible for maintenance of the 
   environment within which Ancient Anguish runs, including patching,
   security, performance tuning, and upgrades. The Minister of Machine is
   also a first responder for emergencies, along with the Minister of
  Minister of Public Relations:
   The Minister of Public Relations is responsible for the public face of 
   Ancient Anguish which includes: advertising, new player recruitment, the 
   Canticle, coordination of player events, official mortal communication,
   Facebook/Twitter/google+ announcements, status notifications (such as
   ("AA is Down"), and content for the Ancient Anguish website.
  Minister of Treasure:  
   The Minister of Treasure is responsible for the treasury of Ancient 
   Anguish including controlling access to funds, disbursing funds for
   approved expenditures, accepting donations, and providing accounting to
   the Senate. The Minister of Treasure has no discretion as to how funds are
   spent other than to have a vote in the Senate. The Senate alone determines
   how funds will be spent.

  Minister of the Web:
   The Minister of the Web is responsible for the public and private websites
   of Ancient Anguish, including maintenance, expansion, and performance.

Arch Wizards

 There are six Arch Wizard positions: Balance, Law, Map, Mudlib, Quality 
 Control, and World. It is possible for an Arch Wizard to be responsible
 for more than one position.
 Arch Wizards have full competence regarding their domains. Their decisions
 are final and cannot be overruled except by Senate vote.
 Arch Wizards who can no longer fulfill their tasks should retire or face
 dismissal by the Senate. 

 An Arch Wizard may select an assistant to replace them during temporary
 absences. The Arch Wizard will be demoted out of the Senate and the
 assistant promoted to Arch Wizard for the duration of the Arch Wizard's

 The Arch Wizards domains are as follows:
   Balance shall ensure that the areas, classes, and other features of the 
   game are balanced, offering challenging and entertaining game play. Older
   features and areas of Ancient Anguish can be rebalanced as the overall
   game balance evolves. Balance is responsible for the review and approval
   of the "game balance" portion of projects in the approval queue.
   Law shall ensure the sets of rules governing mortal and immortal behaviour 
   are enforced.
   The Arch of Map is responsible for maintaining and improving Ancient
   Anguish's outdoor realm and its denizens. Map is responsible for 
   connecting new areas to the map. Map is responsible for new map 
   expansions, and works with World in defining them. Thus, Map creates the
   world; World populates it.

   The Mudlib domain is responsible for making improvements and bug fixes to
   the core mud libraries, and for review, approval, and implementation of
   new mudlib projects in the approval queue.
  Quality Control: 
   QC shall ensure that only 'describe all' areas and areas of high quality 
   are implemented on the Mud. They shall also ensure that areas are coded
   efficiently and robustly. QC is responsible for review and approval of the
   "code and experience" portions of projects in the approval queue.

   World is responsible for the overall thematic consistency of Ancient 
   Anguish. All mortal-visible objects (including but not limited to items,
   monsters, areas, and abilities) must be consistent with World guidance,
   and may be rejected or changed to fit within the theme. World is
   responsible for the initial review and approval of new projects in the 
   approval queue. World assists Map with new map expansions, including
   naming of features and creatures. World maintains the required gazetteers
   and other thematic documents used by both wizards and mortals.

For further help, see 'help rules' and 'help law'. To see the guidelines
Law uses when determining punishments use 'help punish'.

If you have any questions you can mail them to Law, or post them on the 
Senate board.

Dec. 12, 2020   Updated by Senate: Angstrom, Bytre, Maker, Malire, Paldin
May  04, 2020   Updated by Senate: Angstrom, Bytre, Kamikaze, Maker
                                   Malire, Paldin       
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