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Name: Newt
Gender: Male
Race: Human

Voting Tips

Ancient Anguish gains a lot of new users through exposure on MUD listing sites and it currently has an active voting campaign on two of them. It is very helpful for every player to vote whenever they can.

Want to know exactly when you can vote? We have a solution.

Set your homepage to:

Replace with an alternative of your choice if desired.

Now when you open your browser it will check to see if you are eligible for voting and then give you a button to vote. If you aren't yet eligible to vote on either, it'll silently redirect you to your destination homepage.

You are eligible to vote once per IP address, every 12 hours at Top Mud Sites.
You are eligible to vote once per IP address, every 24 hours at The Mud Connector.

Please consider using the homepage method on each of your internet-enabled devices.

View the desktop voting homepage below:
Desktop Homepage

View the mobile voting homepage below:
Mobile Homepage

Privacy Notice: Pressing the vote buttons will save your IP address for 12 to 24 hours and disposes of it afterwards. Tracking of your IP is only used to tell if someone has already voted or not. It may also be used in-game to see if a player has voted too, if you are using that method. The use of your IP address should not violate privacy concerns, cannot be used by spammers, or compromise your security.